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Goddess Nadia - Worship Me, First-Timer - VIDEO

Goddess Nadia - Worship Me, First-Timer
Price: 8.00
(Artist: Athena2)

When the gorgeous, voluptuously shaped Nadia returns home from the club with a lusting male admirer in tow, she is thrilled to hear that he's never been with a strong, muscular woman before - Perfect! She relishes in taking the dominant role as she leads her all too interested male in his first muscle worship session, complete with tough erotic words and lots of sensual positions, where she is in total control! His hands touch her body in admiration, which leads to her pinning him to the floor with her thick, powerful form, making him cry out in pain, while also causing him to moan with arousal! Nadia smothers and squeezes his helpless frame, as she erotically talks about how strong she is, and how she plans to use her power over him, all night long!

gorgeous voluptuously shaped Nadia home club lusting male admirer thrilled hear never been strong muscular woman Perfect relishes dominant role leads interested male first muscle worship session tough erotic words sensual positions total control hands touch body admiration pinning floor thick powerful form cry out pain moan arousal smothers squeezes helpless frame erotically talks strong plans power all night long

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Tara's Boy - PDF

Tara's Boy
Price: 6.00
(Story: Skip, Artwork: Diego)

Jay had been playfully wrestling around with his sister's best friend Tara since they were kids, his slightly superior age and size usually matching her fit, athletic body; though innocent tussles later turn into lustful sessions, which caused the young girl to shy away from him - that was until years later she returned, older and much more muscular than before, ready to continue with their wrestling (and more erotic) sessions, with her in a much more one-sidedly dominant role! Unreal pictures by Diego on this classic story from Skip!

Jay wrestling sister's best friend Tara kids age size athletic body tussles lustful sessions young girl shy away years later older muscular wrestling erotic sessions dominant role pictures Diego classic story Skip

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