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This illustrated story is the first in a series that is written and also illustrated by Diana the Valkyrie. It's free because this is the first time that I've both written and illustrated a story, and I'm not completely happy with the illustrations. I believe that I could do better. But I know the answer - practice, practice, practice.

I would welcome any feedback, both on the story and on the illustration. Contact US using the Contact Form on the following page: Click HERE for Feedback

The weightlifting contest By Diana the Valkyrie

Linda Daventry is a professional fluffer. If you've ever wondered how a guy can keep it up for the hours that it take to make a video, wonder no more, the answer is Linda.

Linda isn't conventionally pretty, and she doesn't have big tits (or big anything else) but she is extremely skilled at what she does, and many guys feel a surge of excitement as soon as they see Linda and her Big Bag of Useful Items.

Linda's best friend is Sharon. Sharon is six feet eight inches and built like a Panzerkamfpwagon (but without the long-barrelled gun sticking out in front). Often, the mere threat of calling in Sharon for a bit of help is all that Linda needs to get things going the way she wants.

The story is about the first ever genital weight lifting contest put on by the IFGW, the International Federation of Genital Weightlifting. Points are awarded for the ounces of weight lifted, and the height of the lift in inches.

Linda's butterstick is Horse Pangborne. He has that nickname because he's as thick as a horse (I'm not sure if he can count up to one), and I don't mean diameter. And he's also struggling with the need to balance his Testosterone intake with his Estrogen, and his balls were the size of grapefruit, which for the purpose of a GW contest, was not good.

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