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LAST WEEK'S Update (Illustrated Story) - THE REVENGE OF THE FAT GIRL (Parts 1 - 3)! - Randi was fat. Very fat. As a result she was picked on by most of the kids at school. Her only real friend was a boy named Steve. And then one summer she went to a special summer camp and transformed herself into a powerful, young, muscle goddess. While this turned out to be great news for Steve, it wasn't so great for Randi's former tormentors. Watch what happens to stuck-up cheerleader Shana and her football hero boyfriend Tim when they refuse to recognize that they better learn to respect the new and improved Randi. Another Awesome MC story brought to life by alphadawg here!

THIS WEEK'S Update - well, in a nutshell, ALOT!!

For the next several weeks I'll be away on holiday, visiting my family back in America for the first time in nearly 3 years. But Don't Worry, as I have uploaded Many Weeks worth of Updates right here at Amy's Conquest - ALL AT ONCE!! - to help tide you over while I'm away. That's right, time for a MAJOR upload of our illustrated and text stories, and video clips, all together, all for your Pleasure, making This one of our Biggest Updates Ever!!

What exactly do we have for you all, Right Here, Right Now? Well check out the below list, and as always, ENJOY!

(Video Clip) - RAPTURE - EROTIC EVENING ENTERTAINMENT! - Rapture and her man are enjoying a romantic night cuddling on the couch, until she realizes it's getting late and she has to head home. Though after a series of sultry, sexy displays of her voluptuously firm and athletically built body (with lots of pec pulses), her leaving is halted, thanks in no small part to her boyfriend's worshipping touches and erotic kisses of her Amazonian form! Both of them extremely aroused from her hard, fit body (seriously, Rapture cannot stop touching herself here!), the young lover's deciding to extend their night's fun, as she carries him off to bed!

(Illustrated Story) - POOL PUNISHMENT! - When a beautifully buff woman approaches a man, after throwing her larger boyfriend into their hotel's pool, and crushing him to near unconsciousness, the stunned watcher is foolish enough to doubt her power still! This causes her to invite him back to her room for a further demonstration of her rock solid physique and unbelievable strength, which she uses both on him and her boyfriend Together! Jupiter I returns to AC with unreal artwork on this classic story from Amazon Lover!

(Exclusive Text Story) - DIAMOND HARD! by Eddy - When a tough guy detective finds the culprit of a series of jewellery robberies, he's stunned to find out it's a gorgeous blonde, catsuit-wearing Amazon! One who actually finds his attempts to stop her intriguing, as she starts to get more fascinated by the handsome hunk; so much so she becomes determined to turn him into a strong, powerful male, who can actually challenge her physically! After several such attempts, the infatuated officer believes he's her equal, though she continues to prove him wrong, over-powering him in their fighting matches, and in their sexual sessions, time and again! Will he ever be a match for her, will he ever be a welcoming challenge for the mighty Mistress Diamond?

(Illustrated Story) - THE CRUSH! - Pam is a tall, power packed beauty who just loves the look and feel of her rock, hard muscles. Though kind at heart, she is more than willing to use her superior strength to dispense punishment when needed, say in teaching a brutish man a lesson when he pushes around her friend on the dance floor, before taking him home for a little TLC afterwards! More awesome artwork by Sergio here!

(Video Clip) - RAPTURE - LEG LOVER'S LAMENT! - When the gorgeous Rapture returns from a hard workout, her boyfriend just can't get enough of her long, firm, shapely legs! So much so that he begs her to use them to squeeze his head (a clear turn on for him), something she at first denies, then decides to give her lover what he wants - and then some! Thrilled with her unreal leg strength, she relished in pulsing and popping them all over her boyfriend's smaller form, making him regret his fondest wish, while all she wants now is More, More, More!

(Illustrated Story) - MY BODYGUARD (Parts 1 & 2)! - Mr. Holbrook discovered that when you are the CEO of a multimillion dollar firm that your life is in constant danger. It was lucky for him that some executives in his firm hired a bodyguard to secretly watch over him. They didn't hire just any bodyguard though. They hired Angela, a beautiful young woman with the strength to warm up with 585 pound bench presses and the fighting skills to defeat twenty men with just her hands and feet. It was even luckier for Holbrook when he discovered that his attraction to Angela was mutual! Everton returns to illustrate this awesome Intenseman story!

And as always, be sure to also pop in on our Constantly Updated Coming Soon Section, with some Incredible FREE preview illustrations from just some of our upcoming female muscle stories!

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