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LAST WEEK'S UPDATE (Illustrated Story) - A BIG MISTAKE! - When a foolish drunken man carelessly rips the blouse of a fit, young hardbody on the beach, she at first allows him the option to apologize and pay for his mistake, which he crudely disputes and denies! What follows is her devastating beating of this older man, using martial arts skills and superior strength, to beat him into seeing things her way; all while a crowd of beach-goers watch in awe! Our first story with Iconic artist Zero Galvan, taking on this tale from Brooksie!

THIS WEEK'S UPDATE (Exclusive Text Story) - AMY'S CONQUEST SIDE STORY 4! by Silentcrs - It's the last days of high school, and Amy's ready to spend it the only way she knows how - dominating men! In her sights are a misogynistic teacher, some weakling male students and even the principal! Later, her muscle mom Elizabeth brings Amy's favorite teacher, Mr. Scott, back to the Hardstone beach house for some R&R, Amy and Jessica-style. The two teenage Amazons have their lustful ways with him, but what happens when Mr. Scott is threatened at a local club? Can Amy learn to protect and love, as well as crush and conquer?

NEXT WEEK'S UPDATE (Illustrated Story) - THE BOSS' DAUGHTER (Part 2)! - Sexy musclegirl Bonnie is thrilled to show off her new boyfriend John at her friend's party, which is filled with young females who are physically superior to most any man! Though these girls treat their men with respect and love, all except the towering titaness Mona, who takes a strong liking to John, and claims him for herself! That is until Bonnie returns to the scene, punishing this bullying Amazon and re-claiming her man for some sexy time to follow! Puppetman's story concludes here, with Awesome artwork from Ronaldo!

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