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These pictures are from Lilly Ice & Sessionee (Coming Soon)

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Saturday night audio stories - Respect all, fear nun - part four

Respect all, fear nun - part four

We learn about nuns and candles, and the part they play in the life of a nun.

Fiona dreams about Satan, and does a deal with the devil; the kids of the orphanage will all get Xboxes in return for Fiona's soul.

Fiona now thinks she's infested by Satan, so Sam does an exorcism for her, which involves some very heavy sex.

But the xboxes have already started to appear in the hands of the children. Where could they have come from?

Then Fiona realises. If it was all just a dream, then it didn't matter. And if it wasn't a dream, Satan was lying to her; it's what he does.

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CURRENT UPDATE (Text Story) - The Black Burqa part three

I was just burning some toast to go with the soggy beans for Raafid's supper, when Sfiyah turned up, and she had someone with her. Who? I don't know, she was dressed head to toe in a black burqa.

"Hey," Sfiyah said. "Hey hey," I replied, "what's the timing for toast again?" She looked at what was pretty much charcoal. "About ten minutes ago," she answered, "this is Asma. She wants to be a Black Burqa."

I blinked. A what?

Apparently, my appearance at the masjid had led to some confusion, mostly because Sfiyah also wore a black burqa when she went there to douse the lights. So people already thought there were two of us, and if two, why not three?

The great thing about a burqa, is that no-one could actually see me. It was like a disguise, only better. So no-one, except me and Sfiyah, knew the secret identity of the Black Burqa. I suppose Raafid might have guessed, but he was too intimidated by me to tell anyone. It must be terrible to live with someone who, at any time, might inflict painful violence on you. I know this, because that's how I had lived for years and years.

"Who was that mysterious woman?" people were asking each other, and the guesses were all over the place. Every woman around here was wearing a niqab with a face veil; a burqa was only a small step further. Who was that masked woman?

Asma spoke. "I've been through eight years of beatings. And each time he didn't kill me, he made me stronger. And now I want to be like you, a Black Burqa. I want to help all the women who are being trodden on and treated unjustly. We women are supposed to be treated like queens; too many of us get treated like serfs."

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CURRENT UPDATE (Illustrated Story) -
The plough girl - part four

Olga explains how to become a plough girl, and looks for a better-paying job.

Olga is a tall, strongly built, over-sexed blonde. Her lack of experience in Western ways, gets her into trouble, but her powerful muscles keep her safe. Her striking good looks and well-developed figure lead her into many sexual situations; her kind and gentle nature is the reason why so many men survive her lovemaking. Inspiring artwork by New York City artist Hampton.

"The plough girl" is a series of stories by Diana the Valkyrie; each week you can follow Olga's adventures.

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SportsBook 702 In this drama, the strong and sexy LILLY ICE runs into her INTERN SESSIONEE after he inadvertently lights his cigarette with her winning sports ticket. As he makes excuses Lilly gets pissed then decides to take him down and severely punish him. With powerful athleticism the blonde powerhouse puts her muscles to good use and immediately chokes him into submission with a crushing neck scissors. After taking his breath away she refuses to let him breathe and smothers him in many different ways before finishing him off with a multitude of scissors holds and spine bending figure fours, crushing the life out of him. From such sexiness comes such deadliness. Courtesy Venice Beach Studios.

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The plough girl - part four

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