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These pictures are from Lilly Ice & Sessionee (Coming Soon)

The Black Burqa part four - audio story

The patriarchy become afraid of the Black Burqa movement, which is spreading rapidly.

There's a media campaign, orchestrated by the Ministry of Truth. trying to discredit them.

So the Black Burdas raid the Ministry of Truth and help the Minister to understand the true meaning of the Quran.

Ayesha breaks one of his ribs, then squeezes him so hard that he can't breathe, and his bladder voids.

They crushed the gates of the compound into a tangle of useless steel piled in a heap, and they left a black burqa there to show what had happened.

Story by Diana the Valkyrie.

Respect all, fear nun - part three - text only

The Westingfield Baptist Church

I thought that things were going well. We'd avoided the possible defunding, we'd avoided being closed down on hygiene grounds, and the future looked rosy. Hah!

We'd even managed to get an increase in funding, on account of Oakfield Developments repenting of their sins, and the world looked golden. Hah!

The kids at the orphanage were happy, we three nuns were happy (they even named a brand of tobacco after us), and the dogs, as ever, were happy. Happiness bloomed all over. And, for the third time, hah!

Satan had not finished throwing his tribulations at us. The first sign that something was going wrong, was when I heard chanting coming from the road outside the orphanage. I listened hard. It sounded like "Stop the bestiality".

I had to google that, and what I found was totally shocking. I called a staff meeting; me, Mandy and Nora. And I explained to them what bestiality is, and they were as shocked as I was. "I have to ask," I said, "but are either of you ...?" "Certainly not!" and "No way!" were the answers, followed by "I'm surprised you even thought you needed to ask!"

"Well, I said. "Nuns have been known to ..." "To what," said Nora. I looked hard at Mandy. "What?" she said. "Candles," I said. She blushed.

By Diana the Valkyrie

Policewoman -

By Amazon Lover

Tim is challenged to armwrestle a policewoman; she turns out to be stronger than he is.

Teri is 5'11" tall, weighs 155 pounds of solid muscle, and her measurements are 39EE-24-36

She told him that she enjoyed his humiliation, and then suggested that the wrestle. Her body scissors crushes him easily, she pins him with her straddle. This was followed by a full nelson, a surfboard and a head scissors. Tim was really wiped out!

Amy's Seduction -

18-year old Amy Hardstone is in detention, and she seduces the teacher, Robert Scott, who is sitting in on the detention.

Why is she there? Because she got into a fight. With three guys, and gave them a severe beating, leaving them in hospital.

Amy shows Robert her huge biceps and massive thighs; flexing and breaking the desk she was sitting at. Then she mashes Robert against the blackboard with her enormous breasts, almost smothering him.

Amy both attracted and terrified the small teacher. And when he calls her a freak, she's upset, and shows it by mangling the desk. Robert tries to make a run for it, but is stopped by collision with Amy's hard body, and then she crushes him in her arms, leaving him unable to breathe.

Awesome artwork by legendary artist Jupiter 1.

Lilly Ice & Sessionee: SportsBook 702 - In this drama, the strong and sexy LILLY ICE runs into her INTERN SESSIONEE after he inadvertently lights his cigarette with her winning sports ticket. As he makes excuses Lilly gets pissed then decides to take him down and severely punish him. With powerful athleticism the blonde powerhouse puts her muscles to good use and immediately chokes him into submission with a crushing neck scissors. After taking his breath away she refuses to let him breathe and smothers him in many different ways before finishing him off with a multitude of scissors holds and spine bending figure fours, crushing the life out of him. From such sexiness comes such deadliness.

Courtesy Venice Beach Studios