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LAST WEEK'S Update (Illustrated Story) - KERRY (Parts 1 & 2)! - Inspired by a scene she witnesses in a restaurant between a strong, muscular woman and her obedient (as if he has a choice) husband, Kerry decides to show her boyfriend Tom what Real feminine power is all about. This is a classic tale by the iconic author The Collector, with dynamic art by Edson. Don't miss this one!

THIS WEEK'S Update (Exclusive Text Story) - ANGEL OF SALVATION (Part 2)! by Spoonmaster - When Ethan awakes to find a note from Erica (his Amazonian Angel) stating that she was going to put her massively muscled older brother in his place, the young college boy is utterly terrified, believing that he would make quick work of his newfound love, and then work his way back to him! Though when Erica returns back from dealing with Biff (and several of his most vicious friends), all of which is video recorded for Ethan's viewing pleasure, he realizes once and for all that this beautiful Angel before him truly is his Salvation!

NEXT WEEK'S Update (Illustrated Story) - THE ELEVATOR! - When a rude man doesn't hold the elevator doors for a beautiful businesswoman, and then stares lustily at her fit, shapely body, she decides to show him just how to treat a Lady - both in the elevator itself, and later on back in her apartment; where shen then helplessly ties him up, before bringing another bigger, stronger man home, to physically and sexually dominate them both! The Awesome Max is back again, working on this Sexy story from Skip!

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Kerry (Parts 1 & 2)

Amy's Conquest is an illustrated story site based on Amazonian inspired tales from DTM and other Truly Talented authors, brought to illustrated life by some of The Best artists you will ever see! From girlishly playful, to dominatingly crushing, to powerfully protective, to viciously vengeful, these girls know how to use their hard, strong, buff bodies to their advantage!

Now, this and other classic female muscle stories have come to life! Beautiful artwork from some of your favorite Amazon artists and sexy audio by the very sensual Christa accompany DTM's hot stories. You can access everything instantly!

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