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LAST WEEK'S Update (Illustrated Story) - THE ARTIST! - When a young female artist wants to live out her Amazon fantasies, she hires two toweringly powerful and beautifully buxom 20-somethings to dominate an attractive male stripper. Will he survive their poses, or be demolished as their ultimate sex toy? Sexy color art by Diego and Everton on an anonymous classic!

THIS WEEK'S Update (Video Clip) - VEVE LANE - SADISTIC SUPERGIRL (Part 2)! - VeVe's malicious other-worldly amazon continues her punishing treatment of her latest boy-toy, a once proud male made all too helpless by her vast alien strength! Though so weak has he become, that she has decided he is no longer any use for her, and that this day's session will be his last - Ever! So after holding his inferior form high, tossing him around, and mangling him to pieces, she decides to end their time together with a Full Body Crush, causing his bones to crackle to dust, while lustful sensations flow all about this Sadistic Supergirl's body!

NEXT WEEK'S Update (Illustrated Story) - AN UPLIFTING DISCOVERY! - After Cole and his bodybuilding wife Mary throw a house-warming party, she discovers through his drunken mumbling how turned on it would make him if she were ALOT stronger than he was. Well, that's all Mary needed to hear, as the following morning she shows off her Vast Strength for her loving man, both with Heavy weights in their gym and on Cole himself (in a very erotic manner), ending with her carrying him back to their bedroom for a little Sexy Time! Awesomely illustrated by Pac, and written by Spoonmaster!

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Amy's Conquest is an illustrated story site based on Amazonian inspired tales from DTM and other Truly Talented authors, brought to illustrated life by some of The Best artists you will ever see! From girlishly playful, to dominatingly crushing, to powerfully protective, to viciously vengeful, these girls know how to use their hard, strong, buff bodies to their advantage!

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