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LAST WEEK'S Update (Illustrated Story) - MY LIFE WITH SHEILA! - Ever wonder what it would be like living with a tall, powerful, muscular woman? Well wonder no longer, as we find out all too clearly the Pleasures (and some Pain) of such a fantasy, as Sheila wraps her long, strong body around one lucky man, speaking words of sexual dominance, while physically reminding him who is The Boss here! Incredible artwork from Everton, on this AmazonFan Classic!

THIS WEEK'S Update (Exclusive Text Story) - FACTORY GIRLS! - by PlowJack - Janet and Jacqui are hard-working, hard-bodied, muscle girls, who play as hard as they work; a fact that becomes all too clear for an adorable little businessman and his boss, who quickly become the subject of these sexy Amazons sexual desires; becoming their playtoys for the night, as these girls use their solid muscles and superior strength to get anything they want, either by sensual, erotic flexings or harsh, painful punishings!

NEXT WEEK'S Update (Illustrated Story) - SONJA THE GATHERER! - In the final chapter of the Sonja series, the powerful Barbarian Queen is in need of a special cure in order to heal her lover, John; which sets her on a quest where she encounters foolish bandits, a sexy wicked witch, various forest beasts and the Earth Spirit itself! All of which Sonja must conquer in order to find that all too unique cure for her dying love! Unreal illustratons from R.M.G. on this SeldomLasts classic tale!

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My Life With Sheila

Amy's Conquest is an illustrated story site based on Amazonian inspired tales from DTM and other Truly Talented authors, brought to illustrated life by some of The Best artists you will ever see! From girlishly playful, to dominatingly crushing, to powerfully protective, to viciously vengeful, these girls know how to use their hard, strong, buff bodies to their advantage!

Now, this and other classic female muscle stories have come to life! Beautiful artwork from some of your favorite Amazon artists and sexy audio by the very sensual Christa accompany DTM's hot stories. You can access everything instantly!

So check out the free artwork and audio/video, read the classic stories and (if you like what you see) become a member! After all, you wouldn't want to tell Amy (or any of our other classic Amazons) "no", would you?