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Dream Session 2 - Lisa, the ultimate "sessiongirl" is back! After a night spent giving her new boytoy the most incredible muscle-fuck of his life, she decides to bring him to the local gym to show him what she's really capable of - this will include a scary annihilation of a big, bad local guy, a massive male bodybuilder too juiced to understand how much she outclasses him! The excitement leads inevitably to further unimaginable hot action in the locker room for her man...and he will never be free again from this absolute bond! Amazing story and artwork, both from the Legendary Crisshapes!
Twin Terrors - When Don Stenhaus (a travelling salesman) gets stranded in the Oklahoma plains, the last thing he expects to find are two Amazonian twin farmers' daughters - and their equally powerful mother. Don quickly learns how much the girls love "rasslin'", as well as a lot more lascivious activities. Edson brings to life a classic Kandor tale about the dangers (and excitement) of young Amazon muscle!
Musclegirl (Part 2) - Our story continues with Stacie sensually seducing her heart's desire, Andy, doing so in a girlishly teasing manner; a little too much teasing for him, as he eventually decides he's not thrilled with being treated like a little toy! From then, true heartfelt feelings and emotions come out from them both, as they conclude this night by starting their honest, loving relationship with one another! More Awesome artwork from Dracowhip on this Puppetman tale!
Super Powered Porn / What's A Boyfriend To Do - Here we have two classic tales from author extraordinaire, Jeremy Wilson! The first dealing with a superhumanly strong porn star, who is dying to use her vast power in her videos, so she makes her team an offer they can't refuse! Then, we see a teenage super-athlete dominating not only her fit older sister (as loving sisters do), but also her much larger boyfriend as well! Incredible illustrations by Max on these!