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Amy's Conquest: 2017 Folio (Jessica's Erotic Journey) - This time it's Amy's Beautiful and Buff BFF, Jessica, that takes center stage with several super sexy scenes of her trying to find Mr. Right, or at least someone that can deal with her unique blending of Ultra Sexuality and Unreal Muscles! From gym rats to geeky nerds, from timid cuties to arrogant assholes, Jessica has dated them All! Find out if any of them are The One for her, or will her Journey continue on!
The Night I Discovered Who Was Boss (Part 1) - Rio's boyfriend was in a dilemma. She was the most beautiful, most intelligent, most engaging, most fascinating woman he'd ever met, and he was deeply in love. The only problem was that she was a little too bossy. So even though he wanted to marry her, he hesitated when she announced that they would be married without bothering to consult him. His hesitation was short lived however when Rio revealed that she was also the strongest. THE strongest! By far! Read her story from her boyfriend's perspective: The Night I Discovered Who Was Boss. The words are by Sonofjack and the amazing pictures are by Martin!
The Luckiest Guy Of All - Jeff was madly in love with Marie, and why not? There was a lot to love about her. She was beautiful, intelligent, fun to be with and had the kind of body that most men can only dream of. Furthermore, she thought the sun rose and set in Jeff's pants. The only problem was Jimmy, a 6'8", 360 pound mountain of muscle who also happened to be Marie's husband. But even that wasn't much of a problem considering that Marie had the strength of a Goddess! This story is by Sonofjack; with amazing pictures by Rob!
The Gas - Tanja is a beautiful, young bodybuilder, who spends alot of time building her physique to unreal levels; even though her hard workouts are mocked by a group of male muscleheads at her gym! This is until one fateful day, when she's exposed to an unknown gas, which causes her thickly muscled body to Grow - Perfect for her to exact her revenge on these crude jocks, in addition to her share of pleasure as well! An awesome story by Vaalser4, illustrated by fan favorites Rom and Diego!
Lucy Goes Scouting (Part 3) - Continuing where our previous part left off, Lucy uses her thick, shapely muscles and unreal strength to show a brutish jock how Not to treat her best friend Jill! Demolishing him on the mat, as well as his fancy car outside! Then off to Glavinson's Garage to check in on her Crush, Jimmy - though she meets up with his abusive boss, who she's finally had enough of, and proceeds to teach him (and his car) the error of his crude, bullying ways! Unreal artwork by Dracowhip here!