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Sweet Caroline - When Tim came home from college for the first time in over a year, he was surprised and relieved that his beautiful and incredibly strong younger sister Stacey had changed her abusive ways. However, when his parents left for an extended vacation he discovered that things were not as they seemed. Not only did Stacey resume her former dominance, but so did her two sexy, strong friends. Tim was in for a hellish summer as their slave until his girlfriend, his Sweet Caroline, showed up to teach Stacey and her friends that bullying wasn't nice! Diego is back, illustrating this amazing story from Sonofjack!
The Waitress - When a handsome, middle-aged, man notices the most unbelievable legs on his waitress, he can't help but stare; attention that's soon noticed by the lovely young woman, who actually takes a liking to him. So much so she decides to carry him home, amazing him with her strength, letting him into her world of true Amazon women! After a little "training", he's served up for the pleasures of her sisters, and him as well - that is until a vicious Amazon threatens him, allowing his beautiful waitress to save the day! Incredible artwork by Everton, on this Uplifted story!
College Girl Muscle (Redux) - An up to date reworking of one of our Oldest Illustrated stories, drawn now by the Unequalled, Edson! Here we have a tale of two sexy college musclegirls, Tina who adores cuddling with her loving man as he relishes her thick, muscular body, and Heather, a buff dominant girl that is not afraid to show her boyfriend the painful errors of his cheating ways! Loads of female physical superiority here, and no matter what type of sexy Amazon girl you like, this story has it ALL!