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Cyndi (Part 3) - Cyndi the sexy super-girl is back! Her favorite pastime is finding new and creative ways to use her super strength to have wild and passionate sex with her boyfriend. First she shows up two conceited musclemen on the beach, then she and her man stop to aide a stranded motorist which quickly turns into a heated and sweaty threesome. You'll have to read this awesome Sean Porter story for yourself to believe it, with incredible illustrations by Rag-Man only serve to up the wow factor!
Amy's Conquest Side Story 4 (Part 1) - Going back a few years, it's the last few days of high school and Amy's going to spend it the only way she knows how: Dominating Men! In her sights are a misogynistic teacher, some weakling students and even the school principal. How will the 18 year old sexpot leave her mark on Redmount High, and will the school ever be the same? An original story by silentcrs with amazing illustrations by Edson!
Amy's Conquest Side Story 4 (Part 2) - After graduation, Amy and Jessica take to the family beach house for some sun, surf...and sex! Amy's muscle mom has brought the young Amazon's favorite teacher Mr. Scott along for the ride, and the BFFs can't miss the opportunity to dominate him with their oiled, sweaty bodies. Later, Mr. Scott is threatened at a club - can the young women learn to protect as well as dominate? Silentcrs's story concludes with incredible art from Edson!